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Orders outside the US and Canada have a $50 minimum purchase.

Orders must be shipped using a traceable service - Priority mail or Registered First Class.

All International shipping must be manually calculated. Please inquire about shipping rates.

If you are an International buyer, just look through my store and use my parts inquiry form here.

Or, send me an email at david@everydayxj.com .
All International Orders ship through the US Postal Service.

I'll be glad to help with any part you need. Of course, additional shipping charges do apply to International orders.

International Warranties, Returns and General Policies.

If you’ve found yourself on this page, you’re probably either curious as to what will happen if you have a problem with your order, or have concerns now that you have received your products.
Have no fear, at EverydayXJ our transaction doesn’t end when I receive payment from you.

First let’s start with the difference in guarantees, warranties and returns.

My guarantee to you is that you will receive the products exactly as they are described on my website, and if there are problems with the items I will replace the item, give you a store credit, or refund your purchase price.

The warranty period on mechanical or electrical items is 30 days from receipt. If your product fails within 30 days, my first choice is to send a replacement. If that isn’t an option, I’ll issue a store credit for the purchase price of the item. In circumstances where a store credit isn’t a good option, I may consider a cash refund of the purchase price of the product.
Non mechanical parts are only warrantied to be as described. If there is a disagreement about descriptions of non-mechanical products, the item will need to be returned to me.

As a general rule, I do not accept cash returns. Other than in a warranty period claim, everything is non- returnable for cash. Items that would fall into this description are items that were ordered in error, items that were ordered for the wrong year for your car, or items that you simply changed your mind about. (Among others).
I will consider parts exchanges provided the buyer pay shipping both ways.

In any product guarantee, warranty or return situation, I accept no liability for original shipping charges to you, or return shipping charges from you.
In addition, I do not return any tax, duty, VAT, handling fees, or additional postage charged by your country or shipping agent. All of these fees are determined outside of the US, and not included in any way in my guarantee, warranty or refunds by either store credit or cash.

International Shipping

I only ship International orders by the United States Postal Service. I don’t (and won’t) use UPS, FED EX, DHL, etc for International shipping.

The correct shipping address must be on your PayPal payment receipt. I won’t ship to an address other than what is listed on your PayPal receipt.

At the time of shipping I will provide the Customs Form number that was used to ship the parcel. In most instances that number can be used to track the parcel. Tracking Services are provided by the US Postal Service. If for some reason your parcel isn’t showing full tracking, there is nothing EverydayXJ can do about it.

I do not alter values of the parcel on Customs Forms. Generally the Customs Form value will include the price paid for all of the products, but not the shipping charge.

Once I have proof of shipping I am no longer liable for loss or damage to your parcel during shipping. I will assist in any insurance claims process with the Postal Service, but do not accept personal liability for loss or damage. The final decision on a claim due to loss or damage is made by the Postal Service. In a claim process handled by the Postal Service, tax, duty, VAT, handling fees, or additional postage charged by your country or shipping agent are not included in the claim. All of these fees are determined outside of the US, and not included in any way in my guarantee, warranty or refunds.

In the event you choose to have your parcel shipped to a US address (friend or shipping broker), my liability for the parcel ends at the time it is shipped to your agent.